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 E-Technologies and Networks Center

E-Technologies and Networks Center provides applicative, scientific and educational activity in the field of e-Technologies, computer-communication networks and assessment of performances. On the basis of the engagement in the educational process and also in the applicative projects of the members of the center, the main activities which the center provides are:

  • Launching and initiation of new e-Technologies
  • Realization of research and applicative projects
  • Long-term education
  • Research in the field of complex networks
  • Performance assessment and testing computer and communication equipment and software
  • Planning and realization of processing controllers and processing communication networks
  • Projecting computer-communication networks
  • Research in the field of wireless networks, concentrating on Ad Hoc Networks
  • Implementation of GPGPU and Grid Computing in Ad Hoc Networks
  • Energy saving and its optimization in computer systems by writing energy efficient drivers and suggesting energy efficient software
  • Production and projecting of GIS solutions
  • Collaboration with scientific and economic subjects in the country and abroad
  • Building a network of corresponding companies in order to develop the previously mentioned areas
  • Development of the creative abilities of graduates, postgraduates, doctors of philosophy and outer assistants

We have developed a great number of applicative solutions in all the mentioned areas and we have been working in these areas since the early 1980s. We have created subjects from these areas for graduate as well as postgraduate studies. The dedication throughout the years can be seen in the large amount of diploma work, master's thesis and doctoral dissertations. The success in the scientific field is affirmed by the number of scientific papers published abroad.